We are very honored to having participated at the SHARE Talks event on Industrial Architecture, back in April. Our colleague and lead architect at Bauprojekt, Alexandru Solomonesc, represented us in the discussion.

Share Talks is a series of events initiated by SHARE Architects which brings into focus issues of the construction industry, such as design trends, efficiency in construction or how we use available space to build today. (see event page here)

“We mainly work in the area of industrial design, about 90%, the other 10% being in the area of civil design. While this 10% stimulates our imagination more, we try to bring to the table as much as possible from our design ambitions into the industrial field.“  Alexandru Solomonesc, SHARE Talks intervention

As part of this series of discussion and debates, this one on Industrial Architecture in Romania was especially important and relevant for us. It gave us the chance to acknowledge the issues and appreciate the relevance of our activity of every day among other professionals in this field of work. The list of speakers included well-known architects and engineers, producer and constructor representatives – working both on a national level, but also in areas like the Middle East, Asia or North America.

Our intervention focused on the need for further planning in the existing brownfields located in the proximity of the inner-cities and a better collaboration with and involvement from the urban administration.

“During the years there is something about relative to urban planning that we have noticed: the old industrial spaces in the vicinity of the city can no longer be reused. Most of the big developments we work on suffer from the lack of infrastructure and the lack of utilities. Because of this need for space, our clients seek areas that can receive such great interventions and  that space is often in the field – because of economic efficiency developers choose this option, but also because those that are already “brownfield” cannot be exploited properly. A main issue nowadays is therefore that we go to “greenfield” land that should not be used yet, not until available brownfields are occupied. There are such brownfield areas that have a relationship with the city and would be more profitable for everyone, there are large platforms that can be converted – those platforms also have the great advantage that they already have utilities. The beauty of the industrial object is very subjective, but basically the issue is one of positioning and framing by correct strategies and planning of the industrial parks in Romania.“  Alexandru Solomonesc, SHARE Talks intervention.

We are keen to see how this series of talks will evolve in the future.

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