Bauprojekt: from concept to concrete design – a creative and functional approach

Bauprojekt is a Romanian architectural office founded in 2005 and has become a significant player in the construction industry, focusing on design and construction quality in close collaboration with the Baupartner Group companies.

Throughout more than 11 years of experience, we have experienced rapid growth, building a diversified portfolio of private investment projects. From commercial and retail spaces to offices, industrial warehouses and landscape architecture projects, our projects are known for their creative and functional approach.


Industrial projects are a category of architectural design. They offer challenges that our experts love to tackle. Although industrial architecture is usually driven by functionality rather than design, we do our best to deliver both. Industrial design has a unique combination of art and engineering: drawing skills, creativity and technical knowledge. Our designers know how to combine art and engineering, and incorporate utility and aesthetics into your industrial projects.


Our goal is to achieve predictable results in an unpredictable world through close coordination and collaboration. Regardless of size, we treat every project – from the smallest to the largest – with equal attention and importance.

To achieve our goal, we use an integrated approach to design and engineering in an ever-changing environment. We engage our expert team at all stages of a project, improving workflow throughout all phases of the design process.


In every project, we go through a series of milestones that are essential to ensure ultimate success. We start by understanding our clients’ needs, clarifying their goals and expectations. Then, we create a concept that captures their vision and turns it into reality.

To get the ball rolling, we obtain the necessary building permits, meeting all legal requirements. We then support the tendering process, turning the project into figures and making sure it fits within the available budget and resources.

As construction begins, we help clients turn design into reality, leading them through the execution process. Finally, we work to prepare the building for use, obtaining final reception and necessary operating licenses.

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