eMAG logistics development in Hungary

Ansamblul logistic eMAG Ungaria
eMAG Hungary and Extreme Digital, the two leaders of online commerce in Hungary, join forces, giving rise to one of the most important e-commerce companies in Central and Eastern Europe. In this context, we are currently designing a second eMAG logistics center, this time located outside the country, in Hungary, similar to the one in Romania. The master plan of the new logistics development provides for the construction of a storage building of approximately 110,000 m in the first phase, with the possibility of doubling this area in the second phase of the project. This first unit will host all activities in the logistic sector, including courier operations. As in the case of the Romanian predecessor, the challenge consisted, among other things, in integrating the powerful statement of the eMAG brand in the construction and in consolidating it on the international market.

SHARE Talks event on Industrial Architecture

conferitna share
We were very honored to having participated at the SHARE Talks event on Industrial Architecture, where we were represented by our colleague and lead architect at Bauprojekt, Alexandru Solomonesc. Issues of the construction industry, such as design trends, efficiency in construction or how we use available space to build today were brought into focus. “We mainly work in the area of industrial design, approximately 90%, and the other 10% being in the area of civil design. While this 10% stimulates more of our imagination, we try to bring forward as much as possible from our design ambitions into the industrial field“. Alexandru Solomonesc, SHARE Talks intervention.

The expansion of the Haier refrigerator production unit in Ploiesti West Park is nearing completion

Extinderea unității de producție de frigidere Haier din Ploiesti West Park este aproape de finalizare
The first Haier factory in Central and Eastern Europe has now a total area of 60,000 square meters, with complex production spaces – from raw materials to finished products, as well as storage spaces. This key project represents a strategic pillar for the consolidation of the company’s management in the refrigeration sector worldwide and for the implementation of Haier Europe’s vision to become the first choice of the consumers for smart houses. The factory will employ approximately 800 persons at full capacity, for an expected production of 600,000 units after 2022. The factory design, which is based on a modular approach, will allow an expansion up to 1 million units at full capacity.

New warehouse for “easybox” operations in the Sameday logistics development in Chitila

Nou depozit pentru operațiuni “easybox” în ansamblul logistic Sameday din Chitila
A second Sameday warehouse and courier unit is now under construction. It is located in the vicinity of the central hub, the two units having the same road access from Bucharest Ring Road. The new unit has a clear destination, supporting the trend of online commerce expansion – by managing easybox operations. The building with an area of approximately 3,200 square meters is a compact one, being constrained by the rather small dimensions of the land on which it is located and includes, in addition to the main storage function, an administrative and social building. In order to streamline flows and reduce the transit times of packages, the building has 20 loading gates.

Production building under construction in Ploiești West Park

Clădire de producție în curs de execuție în Ploiești West Park
The pipes and tubes production unit designed by Bauprojekt for NOV Inc. is under construction in Ploiești West Park. NOV Inc. is one of the largest multinational corporations in the global energy industry for oil and gas drilling and production, oil field services and supply chain integration services for the upstream oil and gas industry. The company operates in more than 600 locations across six continents and offers technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support. The building has a total area of approximately 1,000sqm and will have on the south side a social and administrative building developed on the ground floor level, to serve the production area.

The master plan of the eMAG logistics development in Giurgiu has been completed

Masterplanul ansamblului logistic eMAG din Giurgiu a fost finalizat
The second eMAG warehouse within the logistics development in Giurgiu area was completed in October, representing the second phase of the master plan developed by Bauprojekt in 2018. The logistics center occupies approximately 130,000 sqm and over 90 million Euro were invested in it. This assembly is the exponent of a successful Romanian business, created as an interface between the online area and the immediate reality of operations. Emag logistics center has become a landmark of the digital commerce in Romania and is perceived sequentially on one of the busiest roads in the country. From the very beginning, the scale of this intervention, the desire to have a powerful statement of the eMAG brand integrated in the construction and the need of planning the two phases were the main challenges we had to face. Taking into account the fixed completion deadline – Black Friday – approximately 260,000 sqm were designed and built in less than 3 years, the execution of each phase being completed within approximately 11 months. The recently completed building incorporates all the technologies specific to picking operations in logistics and will be supplied with green energy through 40,000 sqm of solar panels. At the initiative of Emag, it has already obtained the BREEAM certification.

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